What I’m Making Today III (cont. 1)

Continued from https://nowthatlifehasbegun.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/what-im-making-today-iii/

So I decided to give the knitting a try. Because I’m trying to make a dummy rather than the actual movie version gloves, I am only using one color yarn. I am still researching the best possible yarns for the color stripes.  For this dummy, I’m using Vanna’s Choice 100% Acrylic (medium weight-4) yarn from Lion Brands Yarn. The color I chose was Pearl Mist (because it was the color I accidentally ordered for my Ravenclaw house sweater instead of Silver Grey).

  • US Size 5 Knitting Needles
  • 1(?) Skein 3 oz, 145 yard Yarn (or equivelant in your favorite)
  • Yarn Needle
  • Patience
  1. Loosely cast on 45 stitches
  2. Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row
  3. Repeat until entire piece reaches desired length (I’m aiming for 20 inches)
  4. Cast off
  5. Sew piece along long side (the purl side is the RIGHT side, the side people will see)
  6. On the end you want as the “top” of the glove, the end your hand will poke through, measure off how much room you want for your thumb (both width and length) on the OPPOSITE SIDE AS THE SEAM
  7. Sew a little seam for the thumb “hole”
  8. Repeat Steps 1-7 for second glove
  9. Enjoy



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