What I’m Making Today I

I love to make things, and I’m always bouncing around from project to project, often forgetting to finish them. Here’s what I’m working on today:

Today I’m working on knitting a pair of gloves. I originally “stole” this pattern from another wordpress blog (http://formakingssake.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/free-optimistic-mitt-pattern/) and have been making a few tweaks as I go. For starters, the pattern presented calls for three doublepointed size 5 knitting needles, which I do not have and do not plan on buying. So I decided to switch to standard size 5 needles and simply sew up the edges. I have nearly completed one whole glove and will post pictures as well as my alternative pattern once I have the first glove completely knitted and sewn.

😦 Sadly, this pattern did not work out very well for me. Maybe next time…




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